How to Remove a Disc from Mac

Eject-a-CD-From-Your-Mac-Step2It would not be false to say that the Apple products are well built and tend to have low possibilities for issues. In the world of laptops, MacBook stands as an uncontested product by Apple that people prefer personally. As time went by, Apple Corporation started to launch a new style of product.

The new style and design is impressive, but it took a little while to understand that Apple is not providing any eject CD button on the Mac hardware. It could be possible that Apple has ignored to add the eject button to make Mac more attractive, compact and stylish. There are some new users on Mac who are not aware of the removing procedure of CD or DVD from Superdrive.

Well, today CD and DVD are not much in demand as the new technology is capable of transferring any file wirelessly. Still, some reasons make us use the compact discs in our system. When MacBook inserts a disc that cannot be read, the drive will fail to open and the disc gets stuck inside the drive. This situation could be a problematic one because the disc will enter in an infinite loop where the drive is trying to read it. Hence the system cannot reboot until the disc is taken out of the drive.

Now the primary question arises that which method is successful to open the drive easily. There are various methods to deal with the problem, so find out which one is better for you.

Here’s how to remove a CD or DVD from Mac

Using the Apple Mouse

If you have an Apple mouse connected to your system, you can reboot your Mac by holding the mouse button while booting. The trick usually works but in case it does not then jump to the next method.

Using the Touchpad button

If you are not using the mouse, then try to long press the touchpad button while booting Mac and try removing the disc from the drive.

System reboot

Some users have reported that they can reboot Mac after 10-15 minutes. If this is a case, then it is worth to try. All you have to wait for 15 minutes and try rebooting Mac. If it does, then you also might be able to remove the disc from drive or Mac will automatically eject it.

Eject Button

Look at your keyboard and find the Eject Button at the extreme top right corner. Before doing anything, close every application and folder. Now, press the Eject button and wait for the CD to be ejected.

Pressing F12 button

If Eject button doesn’t work or you don’t have the Eject button, then press F12 button and wait for the disc to come out of the drive.

Forced Eject

Another method is called Forced Eject, but it may corrupt your disc as well. Press Command Key +E from your keyboard. It will command your Mac to suspend all the programs accessing the disc.

By following these methods, you can take the disc out of your Mac’s drive. In case you are still unable to eject the disc, then you must contact the manufacturer to get guidance in removing the disc correctly.

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