How to Locate and Delete Data Stored by Google

Google saves your activities and searched data even while you have enabled the privacy settings. But, you can delete some of the entries from Google still is not a complete solution. It is because your device once connected to the internet, it shows an IP address which can be mapped geographically. It means the location of the device can be determined with the help of the I.P address.

It is true that Google has not stopped tracking the location even after you turned off the History from settings, but it is also true that you can twist the settings to have more authority over the search giant. Tracking down the web history, searches and even the location of where you logged in the devices could be strange to know, but there are some workarounds to escape the situation.

How to check the information that Google stored

1.    Sign in the Google account

2.    Now, type history.google.com/history and press enter

3.    The command will open myactivity.google.com where you will find the searches and browsing history

To check the entire search history

1.    Go to the left side of the window and open panel

2.    Click Activity Controls

3.    In Web and App Activity, click Manage Activity

4.    Manage Activity will display all the web searches

5.    Don’t worry it can be deleted as well

To remove the web searches and Location tracking

1.    Turn off Web &App Activity and Location History

2.    By turning off the two, you can restrict Google to store any entries further

3.    In the following message box, click Pause

4.    Also, go to My Activity and click Delete activity by from the left panel

5.    In the next window, enter a time for which you want to erase the data

If you are using an iOS device to turn off location access,

1.    Go to Privacy in Settings

2.    Tap or click Location Services

3.    Select Google Maps and choose While Using in location setting

If you are using Android

1.    Open Settings of your phone

2.    Go to Security & Location

3.    Go to Privacy and tap to open

4.    Now, tap Location and toggle off all the options

5.    To turn off the access to a few apps, use App-level permissions

Google is storing all the data and information about your previous browsing and creates a personality profile based on the data collected. But fortunately, we can still have options to delete the data and history of searches. Now, you know the steps to check what data and information, Google is keeping with it, you also know how to erase it. So, don’t take much time and remove the web searches from your history.

Carl Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup


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